Faery Falling From The Sky (lethia) wrote in bloodyhellicons,
Faery Falling From The Sky

Suggestions Post

This post is made only for suggesting what you'd like to see made. If its icons, banners, headers, mood themes, and what not. Also please comment with what movies, actors, musicians, or just random icons you'd like to see as well. Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks for stopping by!
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I'd love to see some sandman avatars, and since you are such a talented icon maker, i thought you could make some. if you need some picture, i have plenty of death!
No never heard of sandman... it will be a few days maybe a week or so before i make any new icons since i just made a huge post, but if you want to comment with a link to some good pictures for the future, that'd be great!
This website has a lot of good pictures... but shortly, i should have some better pictures in my journal. I'll tell you when they are up.

I just set up the pictures under TheShadowLegand on pics.livejournal.com if you want some good pictures of all the endless characters... i have all of them except despair because i don't like despair much.

Deleted comment

I did make some but they are in a friends only post, and just made a big post with two, but your in luck because i probably will be making more soon!