Faery Falling From The Sky (lethia) wrote in bloodyhellicons,
Faery Falling From The Sky

Last Post For Awhile

I am very sorry that I cannot make icons right now and haven't been able to for awhile. I'm moving to France for 6 months or longer and will not be making icons there. Unless by some odd chance the computer i have access to has a photo program and everything, in which case I most certainly will make icons! When I come home in 6 - 8 months I will probably buy a decent computer and start up making icons. I will of couse post letting you know this. Thanks guys!


P.S. Enjoy the already made icons! Oh and If you are ever looking for a certain kind of icon, person, theme or movie, don't hesitate to comment and ask where to find them. You can check out my affiliates, but also there are a great many others too!
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